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       fence_cpint - I/O Fencing agent for GFS on s390 and zSeries VM clusters


       fence_cpint [OPTION]...


       fence_cpint is an I/O Fencing agent used on a virtual  machine  running
       GFS in a s390 or zSeries VM cluster.  It uses the cpint package to send
       a CP LOGOFF command to the specified virtual machine.  For  fence_cpint
       to execute correctly, you must have the cpint module installed, and hcp
       in your PATH.  NOTE: for fence_cpint  to  send  a  command  to  another
       virtual  machine,  the  machine executing it must either be a privilege
       class C user or it must be the secondary user of the virtual machine to
       be  fenced.   This  means  that unless all of you GULM server nodes are
       privilege class C, fence_cpint can only be used with SLM.

       fence_cpint accepts options on the command line as well as from  stdin.
       fence_node  sends  the  options  through stdin when it execs the agent.
       fence_cpint can be run by itself with command  line  options  which  is
       useful for testing.


       -h     Print  out  a  help  message  describing available options, then

       -u userid
              userid of the virtual machine to fence (required).

       -q     quiet mode, no output.

       -V     Print out a version message, then exit.


       agent = < param >
              This  option  is  used  by  fence_node(8)  and  is  ignored   by

       userid = < parm >
              userid of the virtual machine to fence (required).


       fence(8), fence_node(8)