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       dtc-xen_domUconf_standard - configure a debian VPS for using network


       dtc-xen_domUconf_standard    VPS_PATH    VPSHOSTNAME   NODE_DOMAIN_NAME


       dtc-xen_domUconf_standard This shell script is a part  of  the  dtc-xen
       package that is to be used by the dtc panel to manage a Xen VPS server.

       When doing it’s VPS install, dtc_reinstall_os will call a script to  do
       the  setup  of the standard things like hostname, /etc/hosts, etc. dtc-
       xen_domUconf_standard does the job when the VPS type is  more  or  less
       standard, this can be overridden whenever needed for other types of OS.

       This does NOT include the setup  of  the  network  address(es)  or  the
       bootstrap  of the operating system. Such tasks are performed elsewhere.

       See for updates.