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       dahdi_diag — Dump DAHDI channel parameters


       dahdi_diag channel


       dahdi_diag  asks  the  kernel  to dump parameters for DAHDI channel no.
       channel to the kernel logs. You will be able to see  them  using,  e.g.


              The  number  of  the  DAHDI  channel whose parammeters should be
              dumped.  May be any DAHDI channel (even if it is open).


         # /tmp/dahdi_diag 5
         # dmesg | tail -n 15
         Dump of DAHDI Channel 5 (XPP_BRI_TE/00/01/1,5,2):

         flags: 501 hex, writechunk: c5190948, readchunk: c5190954
         rxgain: ccad2e80, txgain: ccad2e80, gainalloc: 0
         span: c48a900c, sig: 80 hex, sigcap: 80 hex
         inreadbuf: -1, outreadbuf: 0, inwritebuf: 0, outwritebuf: -1
         blocksize: 160, numbufs: 4, txbufpolicy: 0, txbufpolicy: 0
         txdisable: 0, rxdisable: 0, iomask: 0
         curzone: c78e7000, tonezone: 0, curtone: 00000000, tonep: 0
         digitmode: 0, txdialbuf: , dialing: 0, aftdialtimer: 0, cadpos. 0
         confna: 0, confn: 0, confmode: 0, confmute: 0
         ec: 00000000, echocancel: 0, deflaw: 0, xlaw: ccab5e80
         echostate: 00, echotimer: 0, echolastupdate: 0
         itimer: 0, otimer: 0, ringdebtimer: 0


       dahdi_cfg(8), asterisk(8), dmesg(1).


       This    manual    page     was     written     by     Tzafrir     Cohen
       <>  Permission  is  granted to copy, distribute
       and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU  General  Public
       License,  Version  2  any  later version published by the Free Software

       On Debian systems, the complete text of the GNU General Public  License
       can be found in /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL.

                                  2008-01-07                     dahdi_diag(8)