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       clurmtabd - Cluster NFS Remote Mount Table Daemon


       Instances  of clurmtabd keep entries relevant to a given mount point in
       sync  cluster-wide.   It  does  this  by   polling   /var/lib/nfs/rmtab


       A  single  instance  of  clurmtabd  is  spawned  by the service manager
       (clusvcmgrd(8)) for each mount point in a  given  user  service.   Each
       instance  polls  /var/lib/nfs/rmtab  every  few  seconds,  looking  for
       changes.  When changes are  detected,  they  are  merged  in  with  the
       current  in-memory  view.   The  entries  are filtered according to the
       mount  point  being  monitored  and  are   subsequently   written   out
       synchronously to that mount point.

       When  a  user  service  is  relocated (or after a fail-over), clurmtabd
       reads the entries on a given mount point and synchronizes them with the
       new  member’s  /var/lib/nfs/rmtab.   This  is done prior to running the
       exportfs(8) command so that clients of the given service do not receive
       "Stale NFS file handle" errors.


       Clurmtabd  is not a part of NFS and can not ensure that "Stale NFS file
       handle" errors are never received.  It is a  best-effort  attempt.   To
       fully prevent "Stale NFS file handle" errors, it is necessary to modify
       the Linux kernel as well as nfs-utils.




       clurgmgrd(8), rpc.mountd(8), exportfs(8)

                                   Jan 2005                       clurmtabd(8)