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       cf-monitord - cfengine’s monitoring agent


        cf-monitord [options]


       The  monitoring  agent  is  a  machine-learning,  sampling daemon which
       learns the  normal  state  of  the  current  host  and  classifies  new
       observations in terms of the patterns formed by previous ones. The data
       are made available to  and  read  by  cf-agent  for  classification  of
       responses   to   anomalous   states.    cfengine   is   a  self-healing
       configuration and change management based  system.  You  can  think  of
       cfengine  as a very high level language, much higher level than Perl or
       shell. Asingle statement is called a promise, and compliance can result
       in  many  hundreds  of  filesbeing  created, or the permissions of many
       hundreds offiles being set. The idea of cfengine is to create a one  or
       more  sets  of  configuration files which willclassify and describe the
       setup of every host in a network.


       --help, -h
              Print the help message

       --debug, -d
              Set debugging level 0,1,2,3

       --verbose, -v
              Output verbose information about the behaviour of the agent

       --dry-run, -n
              All talk and no action mode - make no changes,  only  inform  of
              promises not kept

       --version, -V
              Output the version of the software

       --no-lock, -K
              Ignore system lock

       --file, -f
              Specify an alternative input file than the default

       --inform, -I
              Print  basic  information about changes made to the system, i.e.
              promises repaired

       --diagnostic, -x
              Activate internal diagnostics (developers only)

       --no-fork, -F
              Run process in foreground, not as a daemon

       --histograms, -H
              Store informatino about histograms / distributions

       --tcpdump, -T
              Interface with  tcpdump  if  available  to  collect  data  about


       Mark Burgess and Cfengine AS


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       This software is Copyright (C) 2008- Cfengine AS.

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