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bbackupctl cannot find or read the configuration file, it will log an error
    .PP bbackupctl usually writes error messages to the console and the system

      .PP -q

                     Run in quiet mode.


                 .PP -c config-file

                         Specify configuration file.


                   .SS "Commands"

                     .PP The following commands are available in bbackupctl:

                       .PP terminate

                               This command cleanly shuts down bbackupd. This
                   is better than killing or terminating it any other way.


                           .PP reload

                                   Causes the bbackupd daemon to re-read all
                       its configuration files. Equivalent to kill -HUP.


                               .PP sync

                                       Initiates a backup. If no files need to
                           be backed up, no connection will be made to the


                                   .PP force-sync

                                           Initiates a backup, even if the
                               SyncAllowScript says that no backup should run


                                       .PP wait-for-sync

                                               Passively waits until the next
                                   backup starts of its own accord, and then


                                           .PP wait-for-end

                                                   Passively waits until the
                                       next backup starts of its own accord
                                       and finishes, and then terminates.


                                               .PP sync-and-wait

                                                       Initiates a backup,
                                           waits for it to finish, and then


                                             .SH "FILES"

                                               .PP /etc/box/bbackupd.conf

                                             .SH "SEE ALSO"

                                               .PP bbackupd.conf(5), bbackupd-
                                           config(8), bbackupctl(8)

                                             .SH "AUTHORS"

                                               .PP Ben Summers

                                               .PP Per Thomsen

                                               .PP James O'Gorman