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       conqinit - a utility for the Conquest Init parser (CQI)


       conqinit [OPTIONS]


       conqinit  can  be  used  to test the parser, perform syntax checking on
       conqinitrc and texturesrc files, as well as to generate initdata.h  and
       sounddata.h header files containing compiled‐in defaults.

       CQI  is  a lex/yacc parser that is used by Conquest 8.1.2a or later for
       configuration of the planets and other general purpose  data,  and  for
       the  GL  client  conquestgl, for the specification of colors, textures,
       animation definitions, sound, and music.

       These pre‐generated  header  files  (initdata.h,  sounddata.h)  contain
       defaults compiled directly into conquest, in the event the relevant CQI
       config file could not be opened or successfully read on  startup.   End
       users  should  not  generate  these  files.  Validated header files are
       included with the src distribution.

       If you are modifying one of the CQI config files, (conquestrc, soundrc,
       etc),  you  should at least run conqinit on them to check for syntax or
       other validation errors.  If conquest (or conquestd) fails to  properly
       load and parse the file at runtime, the built in internal defaults will
       be used (when possible) and a warning message will be logged.


       -f <file>
               Read data from file <file>.

       -v      Be verbose about everything.

       -d      Turns on alot of debugging.

       -s      Treat the input file as a file in soundrc format.  The  default
               is to treat the file as if it were in conqinitrc format.

       -t      Treat  the  input  file  as  a  file in texturesrc format.  The
               default is to treat the  file  as  if  it  were  in  conqinitrc

       -h      Dump  the  parsed  file out to stdout in initdata.h sounddata.h
               format (depending on the presence of the -s option).

       -D      Dump the current universe to stdout in conqinitrc format.

               This option is sort of a hack.  It loads the current state of
               the universe on the local machine and generates a conqinitrc
               format file on stdout.  This file can be saved and made the
               default conqinitrc for a system.

               If you do this, you will almost certainly want to edit the
               generated file and at least change the colors of the suns, and
               the sun’s
               randomized army counts.  Since this data is not currently
               stored in the common block, conqinit tries to choose
               reasonable defaults for them.  Make sure it actually did :)

               This capability is useful if you init the universe, then use
               conqoper to edit and or create new planets and arrange them
               just like you want them.  Then, using the above command, dump
               the universe to a conqinitrc file, edit it if neccessary (to
               clean up colors, etc).

               Then copy that file over the system’s conqinitrc file (or email
               it to your friends :).  From
               then on, whenever the planets are initialized (due to a
               successful conquer, or the actions of an oper in conqoper),
               your definitions will be used as the default planet


       conquestd(6), conqoper(6), conqdriv(6), conquestsh(6), conqmetad(6)


       Jon Trulson <>