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       chocolate-server - dedicated server for chocolate-doom


       chocolate-server [OPTIONS]


       Chocolate Doom is a modern doom engine designed to behave as similar to
       the original doom game as is possible.

       chocolate-server is a  dedicated  server  for  Chocolate  Doom.  It  is
       equivalent to running chocolate-doom with the "-dedicated" option.

       Game  options  are  not  specified  to the server, which merely acts to
       retransmit data between players in the game; parameters  for  the  game
       should  be  specified by the first player to connect to the server, who
       is designated the controlling player.


              Ignore version mismatches between the  server  and  the  client.
              Using   this   option  may  cause  game  desyncs  to  occur,  or
              differences in protocol may mean the  netgame  will  simply  not
              function at all.

       -port <n>
              Use  the  specified  UDP port for communications, instead of the
              default (2342).


       chocolate-doom(6), chocolate-setup(6)


       Chocolate Doom is written and maintained by Simon Howard.

       This manual was written by Jon Dowland.


       Copyright © id Software Inc.  Copyright © 2005-8 Simon Howard.
       This is free software.  You may redistribute copies  of  it  under  the
       terms       of       the      GNU      General      Public      License
       <>.  There is NO WARRANTY,  to  the
       extent permitted by law.