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       incr_backup - run an incremental backup with the afbackup package.


       incr_backup  <options ... See: full_backup> [ -EH ] [ -Q <backup-level>


       This program reads the  client-side  configuration  file  and  runs  an
       incremental  backup,  i.e.  all  files and directories are saved, whose
       modification time is later than the moment the previous backup (full or
       incremental)  has  started.  The options and their meanings are exactly
       the same as for full_backup, except the -a option, see below. The total
       backup counter is not increased.

       -a     Differential  mode.  The  timestamp storing the time of the last
              backup is not modified.

       -E     Use not only the modification time comparing the  timestamps  to
              select  filesystem entries for backup, but also the inode change
              time (ctime)

       -H     If this flag is set, all backups with a lower  level  since  the
              last full backup are removed from the indexes and the respective
              tapes freed, if there is  no  other  backup  data  on  them.  In
              differential  mode  (-a)  a previous differential backup is also
              removed and the tapes freed, if possible

       -Q <backup-level>
              The backup level. All  files  modified  since  the  most  recent
              backup  with  a level equal or higher are saved. The higher this
              number, the more files are redundantly saved again.  <level> can
              be  an arbitrary number from 0 up to 2147483646 (== MAXINT - 1).
              Default: 0.  A full backup  has  an  implicit  backup  level  of
              2147483647 (== MAXINT)


       See: full_backup(8)


       afclientconfig(8),  xafclientconfig(8), full_backup(8), incr_backup(8),
       afverify(8),    afrestore(8),     xafrestore(8),     update_indexes(8),
       copy_tape(8),      afclient.conf(8),     afserver(8),     afmserver(8),
       afserver.conf(8), tar(1)


       afbackup was written by Albert Fluegel (  This  manpage  was
       extracted  from  the  text  docs  by  Christian  Meder  (meder@isr.uni-