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       hk_exporthtml  - exports a datasource to a html file.  hk_exporthtml is
       part of the hk_classes package.


       hk_exporthtml -d driver -b database [OPTIONS] datasourcename


       exports the result set of a query or a table to a HTML file.  The  data
       will  be  printed  to  stdout.   To create a table or a query use knoda
       (  If the datasource  is  not  a  table  set  the
       --query option.


       -b, --database=DATABASE
              database name

       -d, --driver=DRIVERNAME
              set  the  SQL-driver  (e.g.  mysql).  You  can get a list of all
              existing SQL-drivers with -l or --list

       -t, --tabletags=TABLETAGS
              The tags of the <table> statement, e.g.  BORDER=1 CELLSPACING=1

              text displayed after the table

              text displayed before the table

       -f, --filter=FILTER

              for each group will be created an extra table

       -h, --host=HOST
              IP-number or name of hosts

              meta data in the <HEAD></HEAD> section

       -p, --password=PASSWORD
              user password

       -q, --query
              if set the datasource is a query, else it is a table

       -r, --port=PORT
              TCP-port on host

       -u, --user=USERNAME
              user name

       -?, --help
              display help list

              give short usage message

              version and author of hk_classes


       This    manual     page     was     written     by     Mike     Schacht
       <>  for  the  Debian  project (but may be
       used by others).


       hk_actionquery(1),  hk_exportcsv(1),   hk_importcsv(1),   hk_report(1),

                              hk_classes package              hk_exporthtml(1)