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       hk_importcsv  -  imports  a  csv  file.   hk_importcsv  is  part of the
       hk_classes package


       hk_importcsv -d driver -b database -t tablename [OPTIONS] CSV-file


       hk_importcsv imports a csv file and creates the table if necessary.


       -b, --database=DATABASE
              database name

              column separator, default is ’,’

       -d, --driver=DRIVERNAME
              set the SQL-driver (e.g. mysql). You  can  get  a  list  of  all
              existing SQL-drivers with -l or --list

              the text delimiter, default is ’"’

              date format, may contain M D Y, example: D.M.Y

              time format, may contain h m s , example: h:m:s

              datetime format, may contain M D Y h m s, example: D.M.Y h:m:s

              locale of the import file, influences the number appearance

              charset of the import file

              avoids detection of auto_inc data type

       -f, --filter=FILTER
              filter  of  the  datasource. It has the same syntax as the WHERE
              clause of a SQL statement, just without the  ’WHERE’.   Example:
              "author_id = 5"

       -h, --host=HOST
              name  or IP-number of the host

       -l, --list
              List available database drivers

              if set the column names will not be included in the first row

       -p, --password=PASSWORD
              user password at the SQL server

       -r, --port=PORT
              TCP-port on host

       -t, --table=TABLE NAME
              the name of the table

       -u, --user=USERNAME
              user name at the sql-server

       -w, --overwrite
              overwrites the table if it already exists

              version and author of hk_classes


       hk_importcsv  returns 0 if everything was ok, or 1 if an error occured.
       A clear text error message will be written to stderr.


       Horst Knorr <>


       hk_exportcsv(1), hk_exportxml(1), hk_importcsv(1)

                              hk_classes package               hk_importcsv(1)