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       zabbix_server - main process to monitor remote systems


       The Zabbix server is the central component of Zabbix that is deemed the
       actual "monitoring station". It talks to proxies and agents  to  gather
       system  information  and  evaluates  triggers to alert users in case of
       problems.  It depends on a database backend like MySQL or PostgreSQL.


       zabbix_server [-hV] [-c <file>] [-n <nodeid>]


       -c --config <file>
              Specify configuration file

       -h --help
              give this help

       -n --new-nodeid <nodeid> convert database data to new nodeid

       -V --version
              display version number


       This man page was written by Christoph Haas <>  for  the
       Debian GNU/Linux distribution but may be freely used by anyone.