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       wlancfg - manupulate linux-wlan-ng MIB values


       wlancfg query dev

       wlancfg show dev [all]

       wlancfg set dev

       wlancfg list

       wlancfg version


       The  wlancfg utility program provides an alternative method to wlanctl-
       ng (1) , for manipulating MIB values.  It was designed  to  provide  an
       easier  mechanism  for  saving  and  restoring  the  complete  wireless
       configuration (i.e. when re-starting the device driver) and to  provide
       a more efficient mechanism for GUI’s to query multiple MIB’s.


       dev    The name of the device (e.g., wlan0).

       query  Read  MIB  names (separated by whitespace) from stdin and output
              their values (separated by carriage  returns)  to  stdout.   The
              MIB’s may be either read/write or read-only.

       show   Query  the  values  of all supported read/write MIB’s and output
              their values (separated by  carriage  returns)  to  stdout.  The
              syntax of the output will be:
              If  the  "all"  parameter is specified, then all supported MIB’s
              (i.e. read-only MIB’s as well) are output.

       set    Read MIB name/value pairs (separated by carriage  returns)  from
              stdin and set the values of the specified MIB’s.  The pairs must
              have the same syntax as above.  The MIB’s must be read/write.

       list   Display a list of all supported MIB’s.

              Display the compiled version of wlancfg.


       /usr/share/doc/linux-wlan-ng/README and README.Debian.


       This minimal man page was written by Joey Hess.