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       webcit - Citadel Servlet Engine.


       webcit    [-i    ip_addr]    [-p    http_port]   [-t   tracefile]   [-T
       Templatedebuglevel] [-c] [-f] [-d] [-s] [remotehost [remoteport] ]


       WebCit (the binaries name is webcit) is the Citadel Servlet engine.  It
       can  operate  with  Citserver  on  another  box,  but  it can’t operate



       -hPATH Specify the home directory eg. -h/usr/local/citadel not adding a
              leading  /  will make the path relative to the compiletime path.
              Needed for running several webcit/citadel instances at the  same

       -d     Run as a daemon; fork watcher process.

       -DPATH Run   as   a   daemon   but  create  a  pid  file  at  PATH  eg.

              Specify IP address to listen on as web server eg  -i192.168.9.1;
              default is

       -pPORT Specify port to listen on eg. -p80; default is 2000

       -tPATH Specify   trace   file   (where   to   put   the  log  file)  eg

       -T VAL 0  (default;  recommended  for  production  systems)  1:   Parse
              template  on  each request .TP -xVAL How much info to put in the
              trace file (or to stdout) eg -x9

       -f     Follow X-Forwarded-For: headers.

       -c     Use a server cookie.

       -s     use SSL (turns the -p default to 443)

              if the citserver lives on another box, its name /  ip  (remember
              to add your webserver IP to the citadel servers public_clients -
              Configfile.); else the path to the unix-domain-socket.  Defaults
              to the compiled in unix domain socket

              If  you  want  to  connect to citserver via TCP specify its port
              here; usualy 504


       The default for remotehost is to connect localy via Unix Domain Socket.
       The  default  TCP  port is 504. webcit will open Port 2000 serving HTTP
       requests and bind if not other specified.


       The location of the files may vary depending on configure options.  .TP
       /usr/share/citadel-webcit/static//  WebCits template files

       /usr/share/citadel-webcit/static.local//  Your customized

       /usr/share/tinymce/www// the TinyMCE
              [] Javascript Editor

              The  initscript  usually  used to start this binary. Add Options

              Parameters   to   /etc/init.d/webcit/   in   the   LHFS    ified
              installations  dpkg-reconfigurecitadel-webcitwillmodifythisfile.


       1998 - Now the Uncensored Communication Group