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       wdsetup - configure Western Digital and SMC ethernet cards.


       wdsetup [-er] [-a ioaddr] [-b ramaddr] [-i irq] [-v level]
               [-m [aui|twp|bnc]] [-p ioaddr] [--ramstart ramaddr]
               [--irq irq] [--eeprom] [--regs] [--newaddr ioaddr]
               [--media [aui|twp|bnc]] [--verbose level]


       Wdsetup is used to configure the i/o address, interrupt line, ram size,
       ram base address, wait states, network connection, rom  size,  and  rom
       base   address.  In   the  command  line  option method, wdsetup  works
       silently, and  returns 0 for success, or -1  if an error  occured.  The
       board is re-configured, and the soft eeprom configuration is unchanged.
       In the interactive method, the current configuration is displayed,  and
       then  the  user  is  promped for the new configuration to put in to the
       eeprom. If your jumpers are not set to soft/soft, both current and soft
       configuration information will be shown.

       Note that the W1 and W2 jumpers must be set to "soft" to use the eeprom
       configuration on boot-up.

       -a addr, --baseaddr addr
              specifies i/o address at which to look for the card.

       -e, --eeprom
              display  eeprom  contents.  This  option  disables   interactive

       -r, --regs
              display  register  contents.  This  option  disables interactive

       -p ioaddr, --newaddr ioaddr
              configure new i/o  address.  This  option  disables  interactive

       -i irq, --irq irq
              configure    new   irq.   This   option   disables   interactive

       -b ramaddr, --ramstart ramaddr
              configure new ram  address.  This  option  disables  interactive

       -m [aui|twp|bnc], --media [aui|twp|bnc]
              configure new media. aui is the 15 pin connector. twp is twisted
              pair RJ-11? connector. bnc is  the  thin  coax  connector.  This
              option disables interactive configuration.

       -v level, --verbose level
              Set   amount   of  information  printed  out.  Used  mainly  for


       1. wdsetup must be run as root.

       2. Do  not  re-configure  your  card  while  the  network  software  is
          accessing it.

       3. You  may  see  "warning  eeprom checksum error" if your card has not
          been used with the latest SMC ezsetup, or wdsetup  before.  This  is
          normal,  and  the  message will not appear after you update the soft
          configuration in eeprom. (The old SMC ezsetup and  wdsetup  did  not
          have  a  master  checksum). This mess- age will only appear on cards
          with 82C584 BIC.


       0. Since this program has not been widely tested, it would be  wise  to
          have  the  Dos(yuck)  ezsetup  program  handy in case something goes

       1. If there is a problem with the auto recognition, use -a 280 (replace
          280 with your card’s actual address).

       2. It seems that some cards (not necessarily ethernet cards) may lockup
          if you read their registers at the wrong time, so if you  have  such
          cards,  you  must specify the address of your card using the wdsetup
          -a  option,  otherwise  the  autodetect  feature  may  lockup   your