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       bearerbox, wapbox, smsbox - Parts of Kannel, the WAP and SMS gateway


       bearerbox [options...] [conffile]

       wapbox [options...] [conffile]

       smsbox [options...] [conffile]


       Kannel  is  an  WAP  and  SMS  gateway.   WAP  is  short  for  Wireless
       Application Protocol, and is used to implement hypertext based services
       on  mobile phones.  SMS is short for Short Message Service, and is used
       to send and recive short (up to  160  characters)  text  messages  with
       mobile  phones.   SMS  can  also be used to implement simple text based
       services on mobile phones.

       Kannel consists of three programs, usually run as  daemons:  bearerbox,
       wapbox, and smsbox.  They implement the connection to the phone (SMS or
       UDP), the WAP protocol stack, and the SMS based services, respectively.

       For      more     information,     see     or


       run_kannel_box(8), seewbmp(1).