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       Vuurmuur  -  rule  creating  daemon/commandline  tool  of  the Vuurmuur
       IPTables frontend.


       vuurmuur  [-cvhdbkDnLCFt]  [-c  config-file]   [-d   debug-level]   [-L


       -b, --bash
              gives a bashscript output

       -d, --debug
              enables debugging (1 low, 3 high)

       -c, --configfile
              use the given configfile

       -h, --help
              gives this help

       -V, --version
              gives the version

       -D, --daemon
              vuurmuur starts and goes into daemon\-mode.

       -L, --loglevel
              specify the loglevel for use with syslog.

       -v, --verbose
              verbose mode.

       -n, --foreground
              for use with \-D, it goes into the loop without daemonizing.

       -C, --clear-vuurmuur
              clear   vuurmuur  iptables  rules  and  set  policy  to  ACCEPT.
              PRE-VRMR-CHAINS still presents. Use with care!

       -F, --clear-all
              clear  all  iptables   rules   and   set   policy   to   ACCEPT.
              PRE-VRMR-CHAINS (and others) cleared. Use with care!

       -k, --keep
              keep  the  iptables  ruleset file iptables-restore(8) loads into
              the system. Useful for debugging. The file can be found in /tmp/

       -t, --no-check
              don’t  check for iptables capabilities, asume all are supported.


       Copyright © 2002-2006 by Victor Julien <>


       The full documentation for Vuurmuur_conf is maintained  as  a  wiki  at

       vuurmuur_log(8), vuurmuur_script(8), vuurmuur_conf(8)