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       vmsmaild - mail daemon for DECnet


       vmsmaild [options]
       [-vVhfU] [-l logtype]


       vmsmaild is a daemon that forwards incoming VMSmail (or mail11) message
       to Unix users.  It should be started at system boot time (after  DECnet
       has  been  started) and must be run as root. It is recommended that you
       run vmsmaild from dnetd(8)
       The options below affect the behaviour of vmsmaild. If  you  are  using
       dnetd then these options should be specified in the dnetd.conf(5) file.


       -l     Set logging options. The following are available:
              -lm Log to /dev/mono. (only useful if you have my  mono  monitor
              driver or mdacon and a second monitor)
              -le  Log  to  stderr. Use this for debugging or testing combined
              with -d.
              -ls Log to syslog(3). This is the  default  if  no  options  are

       -v     Verbose.  The  more  of  these there are the more verbose
              vmsmaild will be.  Don’t use more  than  one  for  normal
              operation because it will seriously impair performance.

       -h -?  Displays help for using the command.

       -V     Show the version of vmsmaild.

       -f     Accepts  mail send with the MAIL/FOREIGN command. Setting
              this option complicates the decoding of all mail  message
              quite  substantially  because the remote end thinks it is
              talking to  a  VMS  machine  that  understands  RMS  file
              formats. Only use this option if you really need it.

       -U     Don’t  check that the reply user exists when starting up.
              If you only want to use linux as a recipient of mail from
              VMS  systems and don’t want to create a vmsmail user then
              set this option. See the  Documentation/mail.README  file
              for more information on setting up a mail gateway.


       decnet.proxy(5), dnetd(8), dnetd.conf(5)