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       update-vfontmap - shell script to generate /var/lib/texmf/vfontmap


       update-vfontmap [options]


       This  manual  page documents briefly the update-vfontmap command.  This
       manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux  distribution  because
       the original script was designed for Debian packaging system.

       update-vfontmap  is  a shell script to generate /var/lib/texmf/vfontmap
       from files in /etc/texmf/vfontmap.d/*.map

       The xdvik-ja  provides  and,  and  we
       assume  that  other  TeX related packages should use the name only with
       the lower cases.  The two digit numeral determines the order  in  which
       update-vfontmap read a file.

       A  user  who wants to customize /var/lib/texmf/vfontmap should add, for
       example,  in  /etc/texmf/vfontmap.d/  and  run  ’update-


       -v     Show verbose messages.


       This    manual    page    was    written    by    TSUCHIYA    Masatoshi
       <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used
       by others).