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       twintro - introduction to Tripwire software


       Tripwire 2.3.1 is a file integrity assessment product for Linux
       networks.  Rather than preventing an intruder or virus from attacking
       system files, Tripwire detects intrusions when they do occur. By
       comparing system files and directories against a previously stored
       "baseline" database, Tripwire finds any additions, deletions, or
       changes to specified properties.  This allows the system administrator
       to determine the extent of the problem and begin necessary damage

       After Tripwire is installed on a system, the following four commands
       are used:

          tripwire(8) is used for most of the basic operations of the
                 software.  This includes creation of the Tripwire database,
                 and checking the integrity of the filesystem against that

          twadmin(8) is used to create, encode, and sign Tripwire policy,
                 configuration, and key files, and for various administrative

          twprint(8) prints Tripwire database and report files in a plain text

          siggen(8) is a file utility that displays hash values for files.

       In addition to the command references listed above, the following three
       man pages provide information on important components of the Tripwire

          twfiles(5) provides an overview of the various files created and
                 used by Tripwire, including default locations and settings.

          twconfig(4) explains the configuration file, which is used to set
                 system-specific information that affects Tripwire operation.

          twpolicy(4) explains the policy file, which specifies the files and
                 directories Tripwire should check, and how they should be

       Using the --help flag with any Tripwire command (e.g. tripwire --help)
       will print a short summary of the command modes for that command.  If a
       mode selector is also specified (e.g. tripwire --check --help), a
       mode-specific usage message will be displayed.  Using the all argument
       with the --help flag (e.g. tripwire --help all) will print detailed
       usage messages for all modes of the specified command.


       This man page describes Tripwire 2.3.1.


       Tripwire, Inc.


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       Copyright 2000 Tripwire, Inc. Tripwire is a registered trademark of
       Tripwire, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All rights


       tripwire(8), twadmin(8), twprint(8), siggen(8), twconfig(4),
       twpolicy(4), twfiles(5)

       The Design and Implementation of Tripwire: A UNIX File Integrity

                                  1 July 2000