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       ttysrv - connect to a serial port and log output


       ttysrv  [-o option] [-s sock] [-l log] -t tty [-b baud] [-p parity] [-w
       wordsize] [-i pidfile]


       ttysrv is the backend for rconsole.  It connects to  the  serial  port,
       handles  the  log  file and waits for connections from rconsole to view
       what’s happening on the serial console.


       -t tty Specify which device to connect to.

       -s sock
              The name of the socket to listen for connections  from  rconsole

       -o option
              Specify any ttyios options to open the port with. Currently only
              nolocal is supported.

       -l log The logfile to write to. If not set then no log is kept.

       -b baud
              Set the baud rate to talk to the port at. Defaults to 9600.

       -p parity
              Set the parity for the serial port. Defaults to none.

       -w wordsize
              Set the word size for the serial port. Defaults to 8 bits.

       -i pidfile
              The file to write the pid of ttysrv to. If not specified no such
              file is written.


       rconsole(1), remote-tty(1).


       rtty  was  written  by Paul Vixie <>. This manual page was
       written by Jonathan McDowell <> for the Debian  project
       (but may be used by others).

                                 May 23, 2006