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       rrddir2xml - Searches a directory for RRD files and generates Torrus
       XML configuration file.


       torrus rrddir2xml --dir=DIR [options...]


       rrddir2xml searches in a given directory for RRD files and creates
       Torrus XML configuration file suitable for browsing ofthose data files.

       With default options, it is usable for RRD files generated by Torrus’
       SNMP collector, where the file name starts with the host name,
       separated by underscore from interface name or other MIB specifics.
       With these defaults, it creates a subtree per each host name, and all
       RRD files belonging top that host name are sorted alphabetically in
       that subtree.


           Absolute path to the directory for searching. The directory may
           contain also non-RRD files. Only regular files are processed, and
           the symlinks are ignored.

           If specified, the directory will be searched recursively. All file
           names across all subdirectories must be unique. Symlinks to other
           directories are ignored.

           If the filter is specified, then rrddir2xml lists only those files
           and subdirectories whose names match the given regular expression.

           Output XML file name. If relative path given, the file is placed in
           /etc/torrus/xmlconfig. Default: rrddir.xml.

           Top subtree path in the generted XML. Default is the top of the
           tree ("/").

           Regular expression used for splitting the file name into parts to
           build the subtree hierarchy. Default is a sequence of underscores

           Number of levels of hierarchy to build by splitting the file names.
           Default is 2 levels.

           Text to put as "comment" parameter to the top subtree.

           If specified, Holt-Winters prediciton boundaries and failures are
           displayed in the graphs.

           Prints extra diagnosics.

           Prints debugging information.




       See more documentation at Torrus home page:


       Stanislav Sinyagin <>