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       tiffcheck - check TIFF for HylaFAX conversion requirements


       /usr/sbin/tiffcheck [ options ] file.tif


       tiffcheck  takes TIFF input and writes a multi-line text message to the
       standard output describing any work needed to prepare  the  images  for
       facsimile  transmission.   tiffcheck  is usually invoked by tiff2fax(8)
       script that is used by the HylaFAX scheduler to prepare TIFF  documents
       submitted for transmission.

       The  first  line  of  output  is a series of ``+''-separated words that
       indicate if the input file should be:

       o  rejected (``REJECT''),

       o  reformatted with a different data-encoding scheme (``REFORMAT''),

       o  scaled to different page dimensions (``RESIZE''),

       o  reimaged in a different vertical resolution (``REVRES''), or

       o  reimaged  for  other  reasons  such  as  conversion  from  color  to
          black&white (``REIMAGE'').

       The  conversion  requirements  string  will always have keywords in the
       above order; e.g. ``RESIZE+REVRES'' if  the  input  file  needs  to  be
       scaled  and converted to a different resolution.  Information following
       the first line is descriptive text that explains the reason(s) for  the
       file  conversion(s);  this  text  is  suitable  for  return to a client
       (should document conversion fail or not be attempted).  The descriptive
       text  is  ordered identically to the keywords in the conversion string;
       this makes it possible to match up conversion requirements to  reasons.


       The following operations are recognized:

       -1        Set output to be Group 3 1D-encoded.

       -2        Set output to be Group 3 2D-encoded.

       -3        Set output to be Group 4 MMR-encoded.

       -w width  Set  the output page width, in pixels.  By default, pages are
                 1728 pixels wide.

       -l length Set the output page length in millimeters.  By default, pages
                 are 297 millimeters long.

       -r vres   Set the vertical resolution, in lines/inch, at which to image
                 the TIFF.


       The following color image needs to be converted to black&white, resized
       to  the  output  page  dimensions,  and  reformatted to use Group 3 1D-
       encoded data.

              hyla% /usr/sbin/tiffcheck jello.tif
              Document is not a bilevel image (bits/sample 8).
              Document requires reformatting, not in Group 3 format.
              Document requires resizing to adjust page width (convert to 1728, document is 256).

       This image is a facsimile received at high  resolution  (196  lpi);  it
       only needs to be converted to 98 lpi.

              hyla% /usr/sbin/tiffcheck faxix.tif
              Document requires reformatting to adjust vertical resolution (convert to 98, document is 196).


       tiff2fax(8), faxq(8), hylafax-server(5)

                               January 18, 1996