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       tally.control - Keep track of newsgroup creations and deletions


       tally.control < logfile


       tally.control is normally daily invoked by scanlogs.  It reads its
       standard input, which should be the newgroup.log and rmgroup.log
       control log files.  They contain a summary line describing the control
       message and the action taken by controlchan, followed by the article
       indented by four spaces, and a blank line.  Then, tally.control updates
       the cumulative list of newsgroup creations and deletions which is kept
       in control.log.

       All these log files reside in the pathlog directory set in inn.conf.
       In order to generate them, you need to enable control articles logging
       in control.ctl(5), as explained in the control.log entry of newslog(5).


           The Shell script itself used to tally newsgroup creations and
           deletions up.

           This file maintains a count of the number of newgroup and rmgroup
           control messages seen for each newsgroup.  The count is of the
           number of control messages with the indicated arguments, regardless
           if they were actually processed.  All control arguments, including
           invalid ones, are counted.  An example of lines which can be found
           in that log file is:

               3 Control: newgroup moderated
               3 Control: rmgroup misc.removed
               1 Control: newgroup misc.created


       Written by Landon Curt Noll <> and Rich $alz
       <> for InterNetNews.  Rewritten and converted to POD
       by Julien Elie.

       $Id: tally.control.pod 8357 2009-02-27 17:56:00Z iulius $


       control.ctl(5), news.daily(8), newslog(5), scanlogs(8).