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       sss_usermod - modify a user account


       sss_usermod [options] LOGIN


       sss_usermod modifies the account specified by LOGIN to reflect the
       changes that are specified on the command line.


       -c,--gecos COMMENT
           Any text string describing the user. Often used as the field for
           the user's full name.

       -h,--home HOME_DIR
           The home directory of the user account.

       -s,--shell SHELL
           The user's login shell.

       -a,--append-group GROUPS
           Append this user to groups specified by the GROUPS parameter. The
           GROUPS parameter is a comma separated list of group names.

       -r,--remove-group GROUPS
           Remove this user from groups specified by the GROUPS parameter.

           Lock the user account. The user won't be able to log in.

           Unlock the user account.

       -Z,--selinux-user SELINUX_USER
           The SELinux user for the user's login.

           Display help message and exit.


       sss_groupadd(8), sss_groupdel(8), sss_groupmod(8), sss_groupshow(8),
       sss_useradd(8), sss_userdel(8).


       The SSSD upstream -