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       sqlr-cachemanager - running the cache manager


       sqlr-cachemanager interval


       Clients  can  cache  result sets with a time-to-live on them. The cache
       manager goes through the cached result sets  periodically  and  removes
       the ones that have expired.

       Run the sqlr-cachemanager daemon to establish the cache manager.

       Only one cache manager needs to be started per machine.

       Important  Note: Since cache managers clean up after SQL Relay clients,
       not servers, they need to be run on machines  which  run  clients  that
       could  cache  result  sets. These may not be the same machines that run
       the sqlr-listener and sqlr-connection daemons. If there is no SQL Relay
       installation  on  those machines, you should create the cache directory
       (/var/cache/sqlrelay), install the sqlr-cachemanager program by  itself
       and set it up to run at boot time.


       The optional INTERVAL argument specifies in seconds how often the cache
       manager scans the result sets. Each scan is scheduled from the  end  of
       the previous scan. If the argument is left off, the cache manager scans
       at a default interval of 30 seconds.




       This manual page was written by Andreas Tille  <>,  for
       the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).