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       kissattach, spattach - Attach a KISS or 6PACK interface


       kissattach [-6] [-l] [-m mtu] [-v] tty port inetaddr

       spattach [-i inetaddr] [-l] [-m mtu] [-v] tty port


       Attach  a  KISS  or  a  6PACK  interface to what is normally a tty line
       connected to a TNC in KISS or 6PACK mode. This program will turn itself
       into a background process. To down an interface send its attach process
       a SIGTERM.

       Kissattach  takes  many  of  the  parameters  for  the  port  from  the
       axports(5)  file.  If  the  speed parameter in the file is not equal to
       zero then it is used for the serial port speed, a zero value means that
       no speed is set. The paclen parameter is used for the device mtu unless
       overridden by a value on the command line.

       The tty argument will typically be that of a serial port with a KISS or
       6PACK  TNC  attached,  although it could be a pseudo tty or a KISS port
       emulator such as an SCC card. The port arguments is the name of a  port
       as given in the axports(5) file.

       The  inetaddr argument is the IP address of the new interface.  This is
       now a mandatory  argument  although  due  to  historical  reasons  this
       restriction is lifted if the old -i option is used.


       -6              Use  the 6PACK line discipline instead of KISS. This is
                       the default if the program is called as spattach.

       -i inetaddr     Set the internet address of the interface. This address
                       may  either be a dotted decimal address or a host name.
                       This option is now depreciated  and  the  program  will
                       complain about it, though still work.

       -l              Log  messages to the system log, the default is not to.

       -m mtu          Sets the mtu of the interface. If  this  value  is  not
                       given then the value is taken from the paclen parameter
                       in axports.

       -v              Display the version.


       kill(1), stty(1), ax25(4), axparms(4), axports(5), ifconfig(8).


       Alan Cox GW4PTS <>
       Jonathan Naylor G4KLX <>