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       snexpire - expire news under the sn system.


       snexpire [-v] [-exp] newsgroup [[-exp] newsgroup]...


       snexpire  expires  news  in  the  sn news system, one article file (=10
       articles, compile time default) at  a  time.   snexpire  always  leaves
       behind  at  least one article file, so that newly entered articles will
       have numbers not overlapping previously used numbers.  As an  exception
       if  the  expiration  age  is set to 0, then even this last file will be
       expired and subsequent article numbers will start from  the  beginning.
       You will need to be root or own /var/spool/sn to run snexpire.


       -v     Output a line for each article expired.  The format of this line
              is the same as for snscan.


       snexpire expires all  newsgroups  named  on  the  command  line.   Each
       newsgroup  may  be preceded by -exp to control the expiration age.  exp
       is of the form #[hdwmy] where # is a number, followed  by  one  of  the
       characters h,d,w,m,y representing hours, days, weeks, months and years.
       The default for -exp is a compile-time fixed.  Each [-exp]  applies  to
       the  next  newsgroup  only,  any  newsgroups after that one get default
       treatment unless overridden by another [-exp].


       /var/spool/sn/newsgroup/.times,  /var/spool/sn/newsgroup/[0123456789]*,


       SNROOT If  this  is set and is not empty, the value is used in place of
              /var/spool/sn, the default news spool directory.


              If this exists,  its  contents  are  taken  to  be  exp  if  not
              overridden by -exp on the command line.