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       smdiag - Linux soundcard packet radio modem driver diagnostics utility


       smdiag [-i device] [-d display] [ -ce ]


       smdiag  may  help  to  adjust  the  audio levels of the soundcard modem
       driver, as well as to control the quality of the  radio  link.  It  may
       either  display  an  oscilloscope  like  view  of  the input signal, or
       display an eye diagram.  The display may be gated with DCD,  i.e.  only
       updated if the modem detects a data carrier.


       smdiag accepts the following options:

       -i     The  device  argument specifies the soundcard modem device which
              should be configured or interrogated.  It will usually have  the
              following form: sm[0-3].

       -d     sets the address of the X server to display the window.

       -h     display an overview of the available command line parameters and

       -c     toggle the carrier gating of the display.

       -e     display an eye diagram (overlay of the synchronized  demodulator
              output) instead of an oscilloscope view of the input signal.


       C      clears the window

       D      toggles the DCD gating.

       E      displays an eye diagram

       I      displays the input signal

       Q      quits smdiag


       smdiag  Reacts  sluggishly to keypresses. The window size is fixed. For
       speed  reasons,  two  square  root  operations  per  sample   are   not
       implemented  in  the AFSK 1200 baud modes. The eye diagram for the AFSK
       1200 baud mode is therefore distorted.


       smmixer (8), sethdlc (8), linux/drivers/net/soundmodem.c


       smdiag was written by Thomas Sailer (