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       saquery - query InfiniBand subnet administration attributes


       saquery [-h] [-d] [-p] [-N] [--list | -D] [-S] [-I] [-L] [-l] [-G] [-O]
       [-U] [-c] [-s] [-g] [-m] [-x] [-C ca_name] [-P ca_port]  [--smkey  val]
       [-t(imeout)    <msec>]    [--src-to-dst    <src:dst>]   [--sgid-to-dgid
       <sgid-dgid>]  [--node-name-map  <node-name-map>]  [<name>  |  <lid>   |


       saquery  issues  the  selected  SA  query.  Node records are queried by


       -p     get PathRecord info

       -N     get NodeRecord info

       --list | -D
              get NodeDescriptions of CAs only

       -S     get ServiceRecord info

       -I     get InformInfoRecord (subscription) info

       -L     return the Lids of the name specified

       -l     return the unique Lid of the name specified

       -G     return the Guids of the name specified

       -O     return the name for the Lid specified

       -U     return the name for the Guid specified

       -c     get the SA’s class port info

       -s     return the PortInfoRecords with isSM or isSMdisabled  capability
              mask bit on

       -g     get multicast group info

       -m     get  multicast  member info.  If a group is specified, limit the
              output to the group specified and print one line containing only
              the  GUID  and node description for each entry. Example: saquery
              -m 0xc000

       -x     get LinkRecord info

              get a PathRecord for <src:dst> where src and dst are either node
              names or LIDs

              get a PathRecord for sgid to dgid where both GIDs are in an IPv6
              format acceptable to inet_pton(3).

       -C <ca_name>
              use the specified ca_name.

       -P <ca_port>
              use the specified ca_port.

       --smkey <val>
              use SM_Key value for the query. Will be used only with "trusted"
              queries.   If  non-numeric  value  (like  ’x’) is specified then
              saquery will prompt for a value.

       -t, -timeout <msec>
              Specify SA query response timeout in milliseconds.   Default  is
              100  milliseconds. You may want to use this option if IB_TIMEOUT
              is indicated.

       --node-name-map <node-name-map>
              Specify a node name map.  The node name map file maps  GUIDs  to
              more  user  friendly  names.  See ibnetdiscover(8) for node name
              map file format.  Only used with the -O and -U options.

       Supported query names (and aliases):
               ClassPortInfo (CPI)
               NodeRecord (NR)
               PortInfoRecord (PIR)
               SL2VLTableRecord (SL2VL) [[lid]/[in_port]/[out_port]]
               PKeyTableRecord (PKTR) [[lid]/[port]/[block]]
               VLArbitrationTableRecord (VLAR) [[lid]/[port]/[block]]
               InformInfoRecord (IIR)
               LinkRecord (LR) [[from_lid]/[from_port]] [[to_lid]/[to_port]]
               ServiceRecord (SR)
               PathRecord (PR)
               MCMemberRecord (MCMR)
               LFTRecord (LFTR) [[lid]/[block]]
               MFTRecord (MFTR) [[mlid]/[position]/[block]]

       -d     enable debugging

       -h     show help


       Ira Weiny

       Hal Rosenstock