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       s3switch - manage the output devices on an S3 Savage chip


       s3switch [-q] [crt] [lcd] [tv] [both] [ntscj|ntsc|pal]


       The  S3 Savage chips have the ability to send their output to a variety
       of different devices.  The Savage3D can display to a standard CRT or to
       a  TV.   The  Savage4  and  Savage2000 can display to a standard CRT or
       through a digital  interface  to  an  LCD  panel.   The  Savage/MX  and
       Savage/IX can ship to any two of those three.

       The  s3switch utility is used to select the devices to be used, and the
       format of the TV signal.  When invoked  with  no  parameters,  s3switch
       displays the devices currently attached, and which of those devices are
       currently active.  Supplying one or more of the words crt, lcd,  or  tv
       makes  those  devices  the active devices.  The word both is a shortcut
       for the combination of crt and lcd.

       To change the format of the TV signal, specify either  ntscj,  ntsc  or
       pal.  These words will be silently ignored on systems where a TV is not
       attached or not possible.

       The case of the keywords is unimportant; LCD and lcd are equivalent.

       S3switch always displays the current state of  things  just  before  it
       exits,  unless  the  -q  option  is  given,  in which case, it operates
       quietly.  Note that only the Savage4 and Savage2000 are able to  detect
       the  presence  or  absence of the various devices; the rest just assume
       everything is attached.  S3switch must be run as root.

       S3switch  will  not  allow  you  to  activate  devices  which  are  not
       connected, on those chips that are able to detect this.


       Tim Roberts (


       X(1x), Xserver(1x)

                              S3 Savage Utilities