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       rtkitctl - Realtime Policy and Watchdog daemon control


       rtkitctl [options]


       RealtimeKit  is  a  D-Bus  system  service  that changes the scheduling
       policy of user processes/threads to SCHED_RR (i.e. realtime  scheduling
       mode)  on  request.  It is intended to be used as a secure mechanism to
       allow real-time scheduling to be used by normal user processes.


       -h, --help
              Show a summary of options.

              Show version.

              Reset real-time status of known threads.

              Reset real-time status of all threads.

              Start RealtimeKit if it is not running already.

       -k, --exit
              Terminate running RealtimeKit daemon.


       RealtimeKit was written by Lennart Poettering <>.

                                 July 1, 2009