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       revnetgroup - generate reverse netgroup data


       /usr/lib/yp/revnetgroup [-u|-h]


       Revnetgroup  processes  the  standard  input in netgroup(5) format into
       what is called reverse netgroup form. That is, where the original  file
       shows  netgroup  memberships  in  terms  of  which  members reside in a
       particular group, the reverse netgroup format specifies what groups are
       associated  with  a  particular  member.  This  information  is used to
       generate the  netgroup.byuser  and  netgroup.byhosts  NIS  maps.  These
       reverse  netgroup  maps  are  used  to  help speed up netgroup lookups,
       particularly for the innetgr library function.

       The revnetgroup command prints its results on the standard  output.  It
       is  usually  called  only  by  /var/yp/Makefile when rebuilding the NIS
       netgroup maps.


       The revnetgroup command supports the following options:

       -u     Generate netgroup.byuser output; only  username  information  in
              the original netgroup file is processed.

       -h     Generate  netgroup.byhost  output;  only hostname information in
              the original netgroup file is processed.

       Note at least one of the both flags must be specified.


       /var/yp/Makefile    The Makefile to build the NIS databases
       /etc/netgroup       the default netgroup database file.  This  file  is
                           most often found only on the NIS master server


       getnetgrent(3), netgroup(5),


       revnetgroup was written by Thorsten Kukuk <>.