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       randomsound - ALSA sound card related entropy gathering daemon.


       randomsound [options]


       Using  the  low  order  bit  of  the  ADC  output  of  your sound card,
       randomsound gathers entropy, debiases it  and  offers  it  up  to  your
       kernel’s  random  pool.  It  can be tweaked to only write into the pool
       when it drops below a certain level, and to back off once the  pool  is
       full  enough.  This  build  will  set  your sound card into 16 bit mono
       unsigned input at 8KHz.  If your sound card cannot  do  that  then  you
       will  need  to  change  the defines in asoundrunner.c and recompile the
       package. You must have set up asound as root on your machine. This  can
       be done with the asoundconf tool and its set-default-card command.

       You may also need to use the alsamixer to ensure that the sound card is
       generating plenty of noise. Set all the gains nice and  high,  turn  on
       any  boosters you have. If you have a V_REFLVL or similar then consider
       tweaking that.


       -D     Daemonize

       -v     Increase verbosity. Can be used more than once.

       -m     specify minimum number of bits of entropy in the pool.

       -M     specify max number of bits in the pool.

       -b     specify number of bytes of randomness to buffer for use.

       -d     specify number of bytes to deposit into the pool each time.

       -h     display help message

       -V     display version information.


       randomsound  was  written  by  Daniel  Silverstone   <dsilvers@digital->