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       radius - nnrpd RADIUS password authenticator


       radius [-h] [-f config]


       radius is an nnrpd authenticator, accepting a username and password
       from nnrpd (given to nnrpd by a reader connection) and attempting to
       authenticate that username and password against a RADIUS server.  See
       readers.conf(5) for more information on how to configure an nnrpd
       authenticator.  It is useful for a site that already does user
       authentication via RADIUS and wants to authenticate news reading
       connections as well.

       By default, radius reads pathetc/radius.conf for configuration
       information, but a different configuration file can be specified with
       -f.  See radius.conf(5) for a description of the configuration file.


       -f config
           Read config instead of pathetc/radius.conf for configuration

       -h  Print out a usage message and exit.


       The following readers.conf(5) fragment tells nnrpd to authenticate all
       connections using this authenticator:

           auth radius {
               auth: radius
               default: <FAIL>

       "" will be appended to the user-supplied identity, and if
       RADIUS authentication failes, the user will be assigned an identity of


       It has been reported that this authenticator doesn’t work with Ascend
       RADIUS servers, but does work with Cistron RADIUS servers.  It’s also
       believed to work with Livingston’s RADIUS server.  Contributions to
       make it work better with different types of RADIUS servers would be
       gratefully accepted.

       This code has not been audited against the RADIUS protocol and may not
       implement it correctly.


       The RADIUS authenticator was originally written by Aidan Cully.  This
       documentation was written by Russ Allbery <>.

       $Id: radius.pod 7664 2007-09-02 12:58:07Z iulius $


       nnrpd(8), radius.conf(5), readers.conf(5)

       RFC 2865, Remote Authentication Dial In User Service.