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       poundctl - control the pound(8) daemon


       poundctl -c /path/to/socket [-L/-l] [-S/-s] [-B/-b] [-N/-n] [-H] [-X]


       Poundctl  controls  various  aspects  of  the operation of the pound(8)


       Options available:

       -c /path/to/socket
              The path to the (Unix-domain) socket  Pound  was  configured  to
              listen  on  for  control.  Your  Pound  configuration  file must
              contain the directive Control /path/to/socket  for  poundctl  to

       -L/-l n
              Enable/disable   a  listener.  A  disabled  listener  will  stop
              accepting connection requests.

       -S/-s n m
              Enable/disable a service. A disabled service will not be used by
              Pound to answer requests.

       -B/-b n m r
              Enable/disable  a  back-end.  A  disabled  back-end  will not be
              passed requests to answer. Note however that  existing  sessions
              may still cause requests to be sent their way.

       -N n m k r
              Add  a  session to service m in listener n. The session key is k
              and it points to back-end r.

       -n n m k
              Remove a session from service m in listener n. The  session  key
              is k.

       The  parameters n, m and r refer to the number assigned to a particular
       listener, service and back-end in the listings. A listener number of -1
       refers by convention to the global context.

       -H     Try  to  resolve  the  addresses to symbolic names. Depending on
              your configuration, this may require an active DNS.

       -X     Show the results in XML format.

       When called without flags poundctl will print  out  a  listing  of  the
       Pound internal state.


       Written by Robert Segall, Apsis GmbH.


       Report bugs to <>.


       Copyright © 2002-2010 Apsis GmbH.
       This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is
       NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR  A  PARTICULAR