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       pam-dotfile-helper - check password for libpam-dotfile


       <not invoked manually>


       A  helper  binary  for  the  pam_dotfile module, pam-dotfile-helper, is
       provided to check the user’s password. This binary is very  simple  and
       will  only  check  the  password  of the user invoking it. It is called
       transparently on behalf of the user by the authenticating component  of
       the  pam_dotfile module. In this way it is possible for applications to
       work without being setuid root.


       This program is not intended to be called directly by  users  and  will
       log  to  syslog  if it is called improperly (i.e., by someone trying to
       exploit it).


       pam-dotfile  was  written  by  Lennart  Poettering  <mzcnzqbgsvyr  (at)
       0pointer     (dot)     de>.     pam-dotfile     is     available     at


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