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       nwmsg - Deliver NetWare user broadcast messages


       nwmsg mount-point


       nwmsg  is  called  by  kerneld  when a broadcast message arrives from a
       NetWare server.  nwmsg fetches this message via  the  mount  point  and
       delivers it to the user using the same way write(1) uses.

       Please  note  that  kerneld  must run when broadcast messages should be
       delivered to users.

       NetWare servers can send  asynchronous  broadcast  messages  to  users,
       either  on  explicit  request  by  another  user, or when the server is
       shutdown. The client workstation is informed about this event by an IPX
       packet on a special socket, the message socket.

       This  can happen at any time, so the user has to be informed about this
       event whenever it appears. I chose to use the kerneld  feature  of  the
       Linux  kernel to call the program nwmsg. For nwmsg, I used the relevant
       parts of the write program, so you can  expect  the  NetWare  broadcast
       messages to appear where user messages would appear.


       ncpmount(8), kerneld(8), write(1)