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       ntp-keygen - generate public and private keys


       ntp-keygen [ -deGgHIMnPT ] [ -c [RSA-MD2 | RSA-MD5 | RSA-SHA | RSA-SHA1
       | RSA-MDC2 | RSA-RIPEMD160 | DSA-SHA | DSA-SHA1 ] ] [ -i name  ]  [  -p
       password ] [ -S [ RSA | DSA ] ] [ -s name ] [ -v nkeys ]


       This  program  generates  cryptographic  data  files  used by the NTPv4
       authentication and identification schemes. It generates MD5  key  files
       used  in  symmetric  key  cryptography.  In  addition,  if  the OpenSSL
       software library has been installed, it generates keys, certificate and
       identity  files  used  in public key cryptography. These files are used
       for  cookie  encryption,  digital  signature   and   challenge/response
       identification   algorithms   compatible  with  the  Internet  standard
       security infrastructure.


       /usr/share/doc/ntp-doc/html/keygen.html for the full documentation.