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       nstxcd - IP over DNS tunneling client


       nstxcd DOMAIN IPADDRESS


       nstxcd  tunnels  IP  packets  over  DNS,  allowing them to be sent to a
       server without any protocols other than DNS being used.


       nstxcd takes the following options:

       domain The domain that nstxcd will send requests to. This  domain  must
              be delegated to a machine that is running nstxd.

       IP address
              The  IP  address  of  a  DNS server that can be reached from the
              current machine.


       should be run against a domain that has been  delegated  to  a  machine
       running  nstxd. It will then take any packets that are sent to the tun0
       interface and  send  them  over  DNS  to  the  other  tunnel  endpoint.
       Responses will appear on the tun0 interface.


              Florian Heinz <>

              Julien Oster <>