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       nsctl - manage running l2tpns instance


       nsctl [-d] [-h host[:port]] [-t timeout] command [arg ...]


       nsctl sends commands to a running l2tpns process.  It provides both for
       the loading or unloading of plugins and also the management of sessions
       via functions provided by those plugins.


       -d     Enable debugging output.

       -h host[:port]
              The  host  running  l2tpns  that should receive the message.  By
              default the message is sent to UDP port 1702 on localhost.

       -t timeout
              Timeout in seconds to wait for a response from the server.


       The first argument specifies the command  to  send  to  l2tpns  .   The
       following commands are as defined:

       load_plugin plugin
              Load the named plugin.

       unload_plugin plugin
              Unload the named plugin.

       help   Each  loaded plugin is queried for what commands it supports and
              the synopsis for each is output.

       Any other value of command (and args if any) are sent to l2tpns  as-is,
       to  be  passed to each plugin which registers a plugin_control function
       in turn (in which it may be acted upon).




       This    manual    page    was    written    by    Jonathan     McDowell
       <>,  for  the  Debian  GNU/Linux system (but may be
       used by others).