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       nrsdrv - KISS to NET/ROM serial converter


       nrsdrv [-f] [-l] [-s speed] [-v] kissdev nrsdev


       Nrsdrv  is  a program designed to convert from the KISS protocol to the
       NET/ROM serial protocol  used  by  real  NET/ROM’s  and  TheNet’s.  The
       protocols are fairly similar, although the NET/ROM serial protocol does
       include a one byte checksum which KISS does not.

       Typically nrsdrv will be attached to one end of a pseudo-tty  of  which
       the  other end has been attached to a KISS capable program. The NET/ROM
       device will probably be a real serial port  attached  to  a  TNC  or  a
       Hexipus.  The  full specification of the NET/ROM serial protocol can be
       found in the original  Software  2000  documentation  that  accompanied


       -f        Flow  control  enabled for use with a Hexipus, the default is
                 disabled.   See  the   file   hexipus.txt   in   the   source
                 distribution for wiring details.

       -l        Log messages to the system log, the default is not to.

       -s speed  Sets  the  speed of both interfaces. If no value is specified
                 then no speed will be set.

       -v        Display the version.


       None known.


       kill(1), stty(1), ax25(4).


       Jonathan Naylor G4KLX <>