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       oping - send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts


       oping [-4 | -6] [-c count] [-i interval] host [host [host ...]]

       oping [-4 | -6] [-c count] [-i interval] -f filename

       noping [-4 | -6] [-c count] [-i interval] host [host [host ...]]

       noping [-4 | -6] [-c count] [-i interval] -f filename


       oping uses ICMPv4 or ICMPv6 ECHO_REQUEST packets to measure a hosts
       reachability and the network latency. In contrast to the original
       ping(8) utility oping can send ICMP packets to multiple hosts in
       parallel and wait for all ECHO_RESPONSE packets to arrive. In contrast
       to the fping utility (URL is listed in "SEE ALSO") oping can use both,
       IPv4 and IPv6 transparently and side by side.

       noping is an ncurses-based front-end to liboping which displays ping
       statistics online and highlights aberrant round-trip times if the
       terminal supports colors.


       -4  Force the use of IPv4.

       -6  Force the use of IPv6.

       -c count
           Send (and receive) count ICMP packets, then stop and exit.

       -i interval
           Send one ICMP packet (per host) each interval seconds. This can be
           a floating-point number to specify sub-second precision.

       -t ttl
           Set the IP Time to Live to ttl. This must be a number between (and
           including) 1 and 255. If omitted, the value 64 is used.

       -I address
           Set the source address to use. You may either specify an IP number
           or a hostname. You cannot pass the interface name, as you can with
           GNU’s ping(8) - use the -D option for that purpose.

       -D interface name
           Set the outgoing network device to use.

       -f filename
           Instead of specifying hostnames on the command line, read them from
           filename. If filename is -, read from "STDIN".

           If the real user ID (as returned by getuid(2)) and the effective
           user ID (as returned by geteuid(2)) differ, the only argument
           allowed for this option is "-" (i. e. standard input). This is
           meant to avoid security issues when oping is installed with the


       ping(8), <>, liboping(3)


       liboping is written by Florian octo Forster <octo at>.
       Its homepage can be found at <>.

       (c) 2005-2010 by Florian octo Forster.