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       nodm - X display manager for automatic logins


       nodm [options]


       nodm  is  a minimal display manager that simply logs in as a given user
       and starts an X session, without asking for username or password.

       On a normal computer, using nodm is a big  security  issue  because  it
       would give anyone access to the computer.

       However,  there  are cases where automatic login is needed: for example
       in an embedded system such as a mobile phone, or in a kiosk  setup,  or
       in  a control panel for industrial machinery.  For those cases, nodm is
       simple to setup, lightweight, and it should do exactly the right thing.


       --help print this help message

              print nodm’s version number

              run cmd instead of /usr/sbin/nodm (use for testing)


       nodm  is  written and maintained by Enrico Zini <>
       and Joachim Breitner <>.


       xinit(1), xdm(1), gdm(1), kdm(1).