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       nethogs - Net top tool grouping bandwidth per process


       nethogs [-d] [-h] [-p] [-t] [-V] [device(s)]


       NetHogs is a small ’net top’ tool. Instead of breaking the traffic down
       per protocol or  per  subnet,  like  most  such  tools  do,  it  groups
       bandwidth  by process - and does not rely on a special kernel module to
       be loaded. So if there’s suddenly a lot of  network  traffic,  you  can
       fire  up  NetHogs and immediately see which PID is causing this, and if
       it’s some kind of spinning process, kill it.

       The -d switch delay for refresh rate.

       The -h switch display available commands usage.

       The -p switch sniff in promiscious mode (not recommended).

       The -t switch tracemode.

       The -V switch prints Version info.

       device(s) to monitor. By default eth0 is being used.


       netstat(8) tcpdump(1) pcap(3)


       Written by Arnout Engelen <>.

                               14 February 2004