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       NeTAMS - Network Traffic Accounting and Monitoring Software.


       netams [-dlq] [ -f <config-file> ]


       NeTAMS  is  a  Network  Traffic  Accounting and Monitoring Software. It
       works as a daemon for FreeBSD, Linux  and  Solaris  operating  systems.
       Supported         traffic         information        sources        are
       tee/divert/ip_queue/libpcap/netflow       v5;       storages        are
       BerkleyDB/MySQL/PostgresSQL.  Various  aggregation,  vizualisation  and
       notification ways are  implemented.  Authorization,  quotas,  bandwidth
       control, flexible accounting and blocking policies are also here.


       -d     do not become daemon

       -f config-file
              config-file specifies an alternate configuration file to use.

       -l     turn logging to file on

       -L     turn logging to syslog on

       -p pid-file
              pid-file specifies an alternate pid file to use.

       -P     do  not  create  a  pid file (by default, pid file created while
              options -l or -L used)

       -q     do not produce any output


       You can run NeTAMS in three different modes depending  on  data  source

       libpcap  allows  you  to  capture  all  traffic on specified interface,
       exactly as tcpdump does.

       netflow collects all NetFlow v5 UDP packets coming from Cisco router or
       external  flow  producer  like  flowprobe/ipfw2netflow/ng_netflow.  You
       don’t need in any additional system features to run libpcap or  netflow
       accounting, but you cannot do any filtering with these data sources.

       divert  or  ipq captures all IP traffic going via your UNIX router, and
       you need to prepare system for that.

       If you system is FreeBSD, your kernel configuration must have:

       options IPFIREWALL
       options IPDIVERT

       otherwise you will be not able to pass data  packets  to  the  program.
       Type "dmesg" and have a look.

       If  you  have Linux, you must use kernels 2.4.* or above, and iptables.
       Your system must have netfilter package  and  libipq  library  properly
       installed; both are typically not in a default installation. You should
       visit site, read the documentation,  download,
       install it and rebuild a kernel. Or at least check ’modprobe ip_queue’.

       For a serious work, install the SQL database,  or,  and  do  not  use unix hash database from libdb
       (also supported by NeTAMS).


       SIGHUP or SIGUSR1 will cause log file to be closed  and  opened  again.
              Useful for logrotate.

              will terminate the program safely.


       /var/lib/netams/netams.conf  (symlink /etc/netams/netams.conf points to
              Main configuration file.

              Startup script.

              Daemon logs.



       Anton Vinokurov <>, Yuriy Shkandybin <>

                               24 November 2004