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       nagios3stats - report statistics information from the nagios system


       nagios3stats [-hVL] [-c config] [-m] [-d]


       nagios3stats  Is  a  program  designed  to  provide  information on the
       running nagios system.  It can provide a brief summary of  information,
       or  it  can  be  used  to  export specific information about the nagios
       system into an MRTG-compatible format.   For  more  information  please
       consult     the    nagios    online    documentation    available    at or the documentation available with  your  nagios
       server’s web page.


              The main configuration file.  On debian systems this defaults to

              Print output in MRTG-compatible format.  For  more  details  run
              nagios3stats with --help

              Comma-seperated list of variables to output in MRTG format.  For
              more details run nagios3stats with --help.

              A helpful usage message

              Print version information

              Print license details


              Default configuration directory for nagios3


       nagios3   is   written   and   maintained   by   Ethan   Galstad
       <>.   This  manual  page  was  written  by sean
       finney <> for the Debian  GNU/Linux  operating
       system  (but  it may be freely used, modified, and redistributed
       by others).