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       mrb - manage incremental snapshots with rsync/make.


       mrb command


       mrb  is  a  simple aid to creating efficient incremental snapshots of a
       set, or sets, of directories whenever that may be required.  It may  be
       used  as  part  of  a  regular automated backup regime, or for manually
       checkpointing changes at convenient points in time.


       The following commands are recognised (where ’MODULE’ is  the  name  of
       one of your snapshot definitions):

              Create a skeleton definition for a new snapshot ’MODULE’.

              Create  the  destination  dir for ’MODULE’.  This directory must
              exist to create a snapshot.

              Create a snapshot of ’MODULE’.

       sync   Create snapshots of all defined modules.  If run  as  root  this
              may be configured to include the modules of other users too (see
              MRB_SYNC_USERS in ~/.mrb/defaults).

       help   Show mrb’s own help text.


   Per-user configuration
       The  following  files  may  be  used  to  specify  global   and   local
       configuration options.

              system default configuration.

              per-user configuration.

   Per-user options
       The following options control behaviour for all of a user’s modules.

              An  optional  file path where transfer details will be recorded.
              If unset these details will not be logged.

              A space separated list of users whose modules should be included
              in  a  sync.   This  is mostly only useful for root, as mrb will
              assume the identity of each user before  creating  snapshots  of
              their  modules.  If unset, only the invoking user’s modules will
              be sync’ed.

              An space separated list of the directories to search for  module
              definition  (*.mrc)  files.   They will be searched in the order
              given, with new modules added by default to the last one listed.
              There should be few reasons to change the default value.

   Per-module configuration
       The default MRB_CONFDIR value will search for module definitions in:


              Those  created  by  new-MODULE  will  be  placed  in this latter
              location by default.

   Per-module options
       In each case module below is the name of the particular module that the
       value  set  should apply to.  These options should be defined in a file
       named module.mrc.

              A space separated list of the files and (top level)  directories
              to include in the snapshots for this module.

              The directory root where snapshots of module should be stored.

              An optional list of rsync(1) include patterns.

              An optional list of rsync(1) exclude patterns.

              An optional list of rsync(1) filter patterns.

              An optional filename for rsync(1) dir-merge filtering support.

              Optional additional rsync(1) options to pass verbatim when it is

              An optional shell command to invoke just prior to creating a new
              snapshot.   If  the  command  does  not return a successful exit
              status, then the snapshot creation will  be  aborted  before  it
              begins.  It may be used to mount removable media or similar.

              An  optional shell command to execute after making the snapshot.
              It will not be called if  the  snaphot  creation  failed  at  an
              earlier  stage,  and its return status may halt a sync operation
              if it fails with more modules still to process.  It may be used,
              for example, to unmount removable media again.

              An  optional  user  name  to check that mrb is running as before
              performing a snapshot.  This can be used to ensure you have  the
              correct  permisson to access the files being mirrored before you
              get too far.


       rsync(1), make(1).


       mrb was written by Ron <>.

                                 May  9, 2006