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       monkey - a small HTTP/1.1 webserser


       Usage : monkey [-c directory] [-D] [-v] [-h]

       Available options:
         -b            run Monkey in benchmark mode, limits are disabled
         -c directory  specify directory from configuration files
         -D            run Monkey as daemon
         -v            show version number
         -h            this help


       Monkey  is  a  small  http  server. The objective is to develop a fast,
       efficient, small and easy to configure web server. Actually  Monkey  is
       based on the document RFC2616 corresponding to the specification of the
       protocol HTTP/1.1.


        - Get, Post & Head method.
        - CGI & PHP
        - Multithreading
        - Config files.
        - Mime types
        - VirtualHost
        - Directories navigation
        - Deny by URL & IP
        - Resume


       monkey was written by Eduardo Silva <>

       This    manual    page    was    written    by     Thorsten     Schmale
       <>,  for  the Debian project (but may be used
       by others).

                               February 26, 2008