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       mkpasswd-ratbox - Hash password to use with ratbox.


       mkpasswd-ratbox   [-m|-d|-b|-e]  [-l  saltlength] [-r rounds] [-s salt]
       [-p plaintext]


       -m Generate an MD5 password.

       -d Generate a DES password.

       -b Generate a BlowFish password.

       -e Generate an Extended DES password.

       -l Specify a length for a random MD5 or BlowFish salt.

       -r Specify a number of rounds for a BlowFish or Extended DES  password.
          BlowFish:  default 4, no more than 6 recommended
          Extended DES:  default 25

       -s Specify a salt, 2 alphanumeric characters for DES, up to 16 for MD5,
       up to 22 for BlowFish, and 4 for Extended DES.

       -p Specify a plaintext password to use.


         mkpasswd -m -s 3dr -p test


       This manual page was  written  by  Arnaud  Cornet  for  debian  and  is
       distributed under the GPL.

                               09 September 2007